BRIOCHE or ENSAYMADA is a local Filipino delicacy usually enjoyed eaten during merienda (late afternoon snack). It goes well with any type of cold drinks, coffee, and hot choco. It’s a soft coiled-shape, sweet buns with butter and cheese toppings, which comes in the following flavors.

One of the bestsellers is our Special Biscocho. Otherwise know as the Pinoy toasted bread. The sliced bread (a left over bread can be used) is coated with butter and sugar. You gradually spread a thin layer of butter or margarine over the bread then dub it in a bowl of sugar. Biscocho is is derived from the Latin words “bis coctus” which means “twice baked”. It is best matched with hot cocoa or a cup of coffee.

A Milktart (Melktert in Afrikaans) is a South African pastry. Afrikaner women have been making these specialty pastries since the Dutch's arrival in the Cape during the 1600s. Like any milk tart, it is made of a sweetcrust with a creamy custard center.